Have a go at the wide spectrum of exciting art workshops generated during lockdown.

Siobhan's Projects

Siobhan is showing us how to paint with spices 🌢🎨

Spices give you a wonderfully earthy tone in your painting, and also gets your nose tingling πŸ‘ƒ

What spices have you used?
How many variations can you find from one idea?
Outsider Art
Take a pen, start drawing on the paper in any direction - see what the end result it!
Clip of the style of drawing begins at 57:27 and ends at 58:48
Ever wanted to try your hand at the Japanese art of Origami but never known where to begin? πŸ€” Well Siobhan has made this handy video to create a colourful book!

Next you'll be creating beautiful swans in no time πŸ¦’πŸ˜†
Negative space
Negative space
Seeing things differently
🎨 Art Project

πŸ‘ Another exercise in seeing differently, and another way to construct a drawing
This one is titled 'profiles' and is based on the same Agnes Martin images from the 'line drawing' exercise last week.

Check out Siobhan's other videos to see more Agnes Martin inspired projects.
Layering in the kitchen
We are staying in the kitchen, using cling film and greaseproof paper and looking at layering.
Kite Making
Why not try your hand at kite making? Watch this video, find a blustering spot and have fun with your new kite!
Hidden Words
Siobhan has another wonderful art project, and this time it's all about 'Hidden Words'.

'I often use this to write down unwanted thoughts to get them out of my head. They are intended to be unreadable and just look like a pattern on the paper.'

Check out the video and give it a go!

If you want some inspiration have a look at this webpage of artists who use words in their work:
It's time for another art project from Siobhan, this week it's about Decalcomania, also known as the art of smushing paint between two bits of paper, or card or glass etc.
Collage Doodling
Siobhan has created another idea for you to try out at home, Design Doodles:

Using collage as inspiration, create simple sketchbook doodle designs.

If you are interested in learning more about 'blackout poetry' which Siobhan references in the video, click on the link for more info -
Agnes Martin Inspired Project
Siobhans latest art project inspired by the artist Agnes Martin.

Get a written version of the project and examples of Anges Martins work in the link below:…/19m-l2Bq7L...



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