Have a go at the wide spectrum of exciting art workshops generated during lockdown.

Becca's Projects

Rosie Doodling
Rosie is showing you her take on doodling πŸ–

If you have been following our online art projects, then you will remember Siobhan also doing a doodling project - perhaps you could try them both out and see if you learn any new techniques πŸ€”

Remember, doodling is not meant to be taken too seriously, so have fun and send us in what you create 😁
Drawing Project
Jacob is showing us this great drawing project!

Find a bunch of objects of different shapes and sizes and get started :)
Non-Representative Drawing
The aim of this exercise is to loosen up while drawing and to let go of any preconceptions with drawing. Try not to get hung up on whether your drawing looks like what you are focusing on.

Enjoy the marks you make on the paper and try to feel what your eyes see. πŸ‘€ In a sense draw with your eyes and feel the marks you make. Try your hardest not to look at the paper while drawing, this relieves the pressure on what you are drawing. πŸ™ˆ

Doing a continuous line drawing can be helpful and fun as it means you don't need to see the paper to find your place and can lead to some interesting shapes.

Play around with what utensil you draw with (pencil, ballpoint pen, brush, charcoal) as this will change the line style. You can choose to colour in elements of the abstract image if you like or just use it as a drawing exercise. This exercise can be useful to find shapes and forms for another more finalised piece of work.

mage Generator Project
The activity is based on surrealist drawing exercises. The aim is so loosen up with drawing, spark creativity and to have fun. 😁

All you need is a ruler, pen or pencil, paper and a six sided dice (you can use more dice if you wish)🎲.
The video shows you how to create a chart with four sections,
1. dice roles
2. adjectives
3. nouns
4. verbs.
You then fill the grid in with words that fall under the sections. You then role the dice three times and the numbers generate a subject for you to draw for example- beautiful tree walking πŸ˜πŸŒ³πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈYou then draw the subject.This exercise is great for drawing but can be used for a multitude of mediums such as poetry, story writing and painting if you wish. πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨πŸ–

Peter Judson Inspired Illustration Project
Illustration Project:

Peter Judson is best known for his colourful and graphic depictions of places and spaces. 🌈

πŸ“Έ Play about with taking photos of pattern, shapes and contrasting colours and then see below for the next steps!
Natural Materials - Floral Card Project
🌼 Using pressed flowers 🌺

1. Cut some coloured paper into strips. Cut them at random widths and don't worry if they are not completely straight.
2.On your walk you can collect leaves and flowers, any plants that you enjoy the colour or texture of. πŸŽ‹
3. Press them in a book, wrapped in some paper for two days. πŸ“–
4. Once they are pressed, select a piece of paper and try various combinations of flowers, leaves and strips of coloured paper.
5. When you find a combination you like, stick them down. They make wonderful cards for friends and family.
Natural Materials - Nature Weaving
When taking cuttings from plants make sure that there is enough left that the plant can recover and that there are still flowers for pollinators. 🐝 If you don't recognise the plant don't take a cutting in case it's poisonous.

Up first is Katherine's project:

This project is based on ancient weaving materials as our ancestors would weave plant vines and grasses to make baskets.

1. On your walk take cuttings of plants you like, I recommend grasses, vines, flowers and leaves.🌾🌱🌸
2. You will need scissors and rope, if you have no rope you can use twine, string, wool or thread.
3. Find a nice tree that offers a space to weave in for example in between branches or in between tree trunks. If you don't have a tree to work with then anything that offers a space (that is safe) is great! 🌳
4. Begin by tying rope horizontally across the tree trunks. Make sure they are evenly spaced. There is no set number but I recommend six strings, just so you have a nice space to work with.
5. Make sure there is tension, if the strings are loose, tighten your knots or move the rope around the trunk.
6.Now it's time to weave vertically across the ropes you've tied to the tree. Take a long piece and weave in and out on the ropes that go across the trunks.
7. With the next one weave the opposite way from the one you just did (out and in). Continue this until you form a grid.
8. Cut off the excess rope if you wish.
9. Time to weave! Don't worry if things break or fall, just slot things back in or remove damaged leaves. You can use material if you wish, I put some jute strips in mine.
10. Now you have a lovely seasonal weave!

Collage Project
Kirsty has created this very fun (and a little daft) collage project.

Grab some old magazines and start cutting out parts of different people's faces, then build new faces!
Optical Illusion Paper Weaving
Kirsty has sent in a basic paper weaving video.

It's simple to follow but the results are bold and exciting!

If wanted to, you could use paper strips that are different widths or different colours to make it more personal.
Basic Paper Weaving
Kirsty sent us in this great paper weaving project for you to try at home.

Play about with different colours and widths of paper
Printing with Potatoes
πŸ₯” Potato Print Collage Tutorial

Guest artist Zoe G. has sent in this brilliant potato print collage turotial that you can try at home.
Printing at Home
Here's a video from Rosie on printing at home 🏠

Use whatever you have around the house, Rosie uses old bits of fruit and veg 🍊πŸ₯• toilet paper tubes, and some scrap pieces of card.

Play about with colours and shapes!
Sensory Jar Project
Sensory jars are containers that are filled with various materials such as glitter and coloured water. Making them can be relaxing and they look great!

πŸ€” Why not give it a go?



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