Art Angel

by mike

Safe unjudging to your self be true, 
Calming enchanting just for you,
Be yourself a better you.

A place to draw your thoughts on the page,
Regardless your mindset, your troubles, your age.

Arts and crafts to calm your soul,
Felling joy and being whole, a bundle of emotions
From everyone there, a sense of charm fills the air.

To feel happy and normal for a time,
A class a week will free your mind,
Endless laughs joys to take,
Caring and kindness no mistake.

The feeling of acceptance is second to none,
The act of kindness will never be done,
Lonely lost at your wits end, the act
Of being here helps you to mend.

Art Angel make you feel alive,
Brings back your passion and gives you drive,
Brings back emotions once hidden away, to come out and grab
You to brighten your day.

Helps to heal your troubled self,
Guided hope, strengthens your awareness, helps you cope.
Escapes you for so you can find,
Unyielding calm and peace of mind. 

Opens your mind to the sense of feeling,
Your heart, your head and gives you healing, your health gets
Better, your self gets nearer and mind becomes so much clearer.

The staff are amazing and funny too. 
Helpful and always there for you.
They make the classes so much fun,
Friendly and nice to everyone,
Lovely people hearts of gold,
Never a truer word was told.
Always make you smile,
To forget your trouble for a while.

Why I come to Art Angel?

Comments collected by an Art Angel member on 19/02/2018 

“I think it helps my mental health and I get to meet people – it gets me out of the house. I like creating stuff. I love it socially.” 

“It’s the only time in my week I mix with other people with similar problems. It’s a great atmosphere and I love to paint.” 

“It’s really good. I picked it as something that sounded interesting – using Art as a way of coping with mental illness is really nice.” 

I come for the company and like-minded people. To have a story at the end of the day to tell my husband. Not just ‘I’ve been at home all day’ company. You can speak about things and not be judged, while learning something new.” 

“I’ve only been here a few weeks. I like it because I stopped doing art when I was depressed. There’s less pressure here. If I’m not feeling good I can sit and look at art magazines and there is help if I need it. From an Art perspective there’s loads of materials and you can make a mess without worrying about the sofa. No pressure is the best thing.” 

“For me I struggle with motivation at home. Here I can do whatever I like and feel free not to feel I have to be doing other things around the house. It’s me time.” 

“I come here for the company and the quietness and the learning about art. It’s a nice place for 3 hours that takes your mind off everything. If it was in Arbroath I’d go there!” 

“If I don’t get out and about I withdraw into myself. I have really bad OCD and it 
really helps me to come here. Because it’s helped me feel more con dent, I’ve been able to get a wee job. All the opportunities you get here to express yourself in Art. My mood is much more stable now. 

Anne Marie 
“It’s actually been a lifesaver for me. It came at exactly the right time. Anything else I find really hard to go to, but I never find it hard to come here. I never find it hard to talk. I don’t feel judged. I can be totally myself.” 

“I don’t have many friends now. Friends don’t understand why I cancel things at the last moment or won’t go out. People here understand. This is my happy place. Art makes me happy. I love doing it. I was actually offered a place at Art College (after school) Had a baby. Put art on hold. I’m beginning to work at home again.” 



Art Angel
Enterprise House, 1st Floor
45 North Lindsay Street
Dundee, DD1 1PW


01382 228383