Have a go at the wide spectrum of exciting art workshops generated during lockdown.

Guen's Projects

Make a Lamp Shade
Guen has sent in this great video of how to make a lampshade using wool and glue 🤩

You can get creative with what you'd like to make - perhaps a bowl, or a stationary holder? Guen even suggests Christmas baubles! 🔔
Homemade Model Paste
Guen is showing us how to make homemade modelling paste, so that you can create little models - perfect for gifts and ornaments 🎁
Salt and Foil Printing
Guen's Salt and Kitchen Foil Project

Watercolor paper or sketchbook pages,
Watercolors or diluted acrylic paint,
Salt, kitchen foil.

1️⃣ Wet the paper
2️⃣ Put some paint randomly (watercolour or acrylic)
3️⃣Spread some salt, fine and coarse, on some sheets and kitchen foil on the othe rs sheets.
4️⃣4️Let it dry overnight.

The results are amazing!
Close Up Patterns
Guen's project idea is close ups and patterns 🕵️‍♂️

Have a look around your house for interesting objects to draw and then follow the video
Card Making
Do you have a loved on that has a birthday or special event coming up? 🎉Or maybe you just want to send a card to let someone you know you're thinking of them ����
Marbling with Shaving Foam
Marbling with shaving foam
Exquisite Corpse
Check out this video tutorial of how to draw an exquisite corpse -

1️⃣ Choose 4 objects to represent
2️⃣ In each segment I draw only a part of them, in turn, folding the sheet to not see the previous drawing.
3️⃣ Open the paper ... very often the image is grotesque and funny.
Print with Fairy Liquid and Acryllics
Print with Fairy Liquid and Acryllics



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