Have a go at the wide spectrum of exciting art workshops generated during lockdown.

Becca's Projects

Recycled Concertina Sketchbook
Becca shows us how to make a recycled concertina sketchbook 📒📖

You can use this for note taking, doodling or anything else you feel like!

Recycling old materials is a great way to get creative with what's around your house, so see what else you can try out!
Quick Yoga Session
Over the past few months, we've been spending a lot more time indoors, either hunched over computer screens or watching tv 📺 which you may have noticed has made your body feel tight and lethargic. Becca thought it would be a great idea to provide a quick yoga class, focussing on your shoulders, to ease any tension you may have developed.

Exercise, whether it be going for an outdoor walk, or taking the time to do a yoga class, is so important for both our bodies and minds 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Namaste 🙏
Papier Mache Project
Becca runs through the best practcies when working with paper mache while making a pinata!
Bottle Painting
Do you have a plant pot that needs sprucing up? A fancy wine bottle that could do with a splash of colour? Well this next project is definitely for you! 👋

Becca gives us some examples of mandala painting, to jazz up your household items! This is a very meditative and relaxing project, and also gives you a new product without having to spend lots of money! Winner. 🙏
Build A House
Build a 3D cardboard house and decorate it with whatever materials you have.

I have made a slightly long winded video for you if you want to see how I did it but please feel free to go your own way.

Materials I used:
Thin cardboard box
A4 paper
Tape measure but ruler preferable
Glue and or tape
Something to decorate

Here is a link to a good template ⬇

- Becca



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